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 my room my mess. GET OVER IT.

woke up feeling like...i'm not 19.

No birthday can ever be as good as my 18th. That was pretty epic. Manchester United and a trip to KL and missing school and all. That was the most awesome.
But this year was good too. Nothing too fancy, nothing too celebratory.
Just the way i like it - shopping, family, lotsa ice-cream and lotsa love.


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i think that we are not too young anymore to think about the future.

you know, one hour doesnt make everything okae just like that.
i wish it could though.

made my day. yeah ryte. whatever.

if you know me by now,
i dont let anything come between me and my girls. somehow, in a way, things will definitely work out. thats just the way we roll. and i think i'm pretty thankful for that, coz i can see now why they say your girlfriends stick around and your family are always there.

however,sadly, even then, who you can really count on is only yourself.

i dont really know exactly how i feel right now. i feel kinda numb, kinda off and kinda everything that isnt very pleasant. but then again i look forward to saturday and i smile. you dont know how much i cant wait for saturday. like i said, family is always the best.

and then i think again and all i can feel is numbness. i've been stoning. for too long i think. every single bloody day, all i do when i'm alone is think. i think too much, i think. hah.

and mmp project work is ending soon. dont you think that project work always bring out the unpleasantness in you? i'm sorry girls if i've been such a pain in the ass to work with or like just moody every now and then. really sorry =s
oh but then theres still world issues and sociology projects.gahh. i think, i hope, i can manage.

life is pretty much now a lot about school. everything revolves around school. i cant wait for it to end. and then be in perth, and experience total independence and new things and a new lease of life at a foreign country. haha. UWA. i cant wait for you.

and i miss you in a totally platonic way. bet you dint know that. HAH.

HA HA HA HA HA . this is a sarcastic laughter
seriously, seriously? shut up real madrid. and ronaldo, make a decision.

i also think that boys should treat girls with respect. how can one command respect when one doesnt give respect? i think i can hate you too, but i choose not to coz i've known you since forever and i know deep inside youre not like that. but then again, maybe one day it'll be too much and i think i'll hate you. dont let it come to that.

thank you.

in contrast to that.
i am angry no more, or sad or anything.
i just woke up from a really good long seep and i think thats what i really needed.

I've stooped this low and moved to blogger coz i cant upload pics here yet. so yeah.
go to jannahrihanna.blogspot.com now instead. but i'll still be here to view the friends yo =)

much loves,


HAHAHA. the funniest thing i've seen today. HAHA. still love ya tho loulou =) HAHAHAHA.


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